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MM 55

Displacement: 27.2 cc
Weight w/ 20.9 lbs.
Engine Power: 1.07 bhp
Cultivating Width: 8.5 in.

RL-MM - Lawn Aerator

This attachment creates a series of
slits into the soil of the lawn.

BF-MM - Pick Tines Cultivator

The pick-style tines deliver exceptional control while effectively lossening hardened dirt or mulch

MM - Optional Wheel Kit

The MM wheel kit features two perfectly round wheels that attach quickly and deliver improved handling, transport and maneuverability with most attachments.

MM-55 C-E

Displacement: 27.2 cc
Weight w/ 21.6 lbs.
Engine Power: 1.07 bhp
Cultivating Width: 8.5 in.

FC-MM - Bed Edger

This handy tool is used to cut defined edges to separate the grass lawn from the cultivated soil in a planting area.

MF-MM - Lawn Dethatcher

This attachment picks up what nature leaves behind, grabbing dead grass and other accumulated materials directly from the top of the soil

MM - Optional Weight Kit

This weight kit puts on the pounds when you need it, and easily comes off when you don’t.

FS-MM - Trimmer

the STIHL FS-MM trimmer attachment features a dependable STIHL AutoCut 25-2 trimmer head for precision cutting tasks.

BK-MM - Bolo Tines Cultivator

The bolo tines cultivator attachment is an alternative style to the standard pick tines, and is designed for a minimum of clogging.

KW-MM - STIHL PowerSweep

This powerful attachment features heavy-duty rubber flaps, acting like a squeegee on steroids.

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